connect() 是一个高阶组件 (HoC),允许你将任何内容挂接到 Formik 的上下文中。它在内部用于构造 <Field><Form>,但你可以根据需求的变化使用它来构建新组件。

¥connect() is a higher-order component (HoC) that allows you to hook anything into Formik's context. It is used internally to construct <Field> and <Form>, but you can use it to build out new components as your needs change.


¥Type signature

connect<OuterProps, Values = any>(Comp: React.ComponentType<OuterProps & { formik: FormikContext<Values> }>) => React.ComponentType<OuterProps>



import React from 'react';
import { connect, getIn } from 'formik';
// This component renders an error message if a field has
// an error and it's already been touched.
const ErrorMessage = props => {
// All FormikProps available on props.formik!
const error = getIn(props.formik.errors,;
const touch = getIn(props.formik.touched,;
return touch && error ? error : null;
export default connect(ErrorMessage);
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